FOR the first time ever Warrington will have its own green business awards.

Mayor Linda Dirir is a keen environmentalist and she has come up with the idea.

The awards are open to Warrington companies of all sizes and are free to enter.

Clr Dirir said: "The mayoral theme for the year is the earth and climate and climate change.

"We wanted to get business involved because they can make such a difference.

"There is a lot of good work going on already in various industries but no-one was recognising it."

She added: "My husband Alin comes from Somaliland, in east Africa, where climate change is already happening.

"The desert is encroaching on the country, the waterholes are drying up and the cattle is dying."

There are five award categories: l Reducing impact on climate change l Making use of environmental technology l Protecting the natural environment l Environmental champions in the community l Overall winner Clr Dirir said: "I think they will be popular because the normal business awards are very popular.

"We had a tremendous amount of interest from the launch at the Town Hall - it was bursting at the seams with men in suits."

The judging will take place in spring 2007 and the awards will be given out in April 2007.

There will probably be three winners in each category and event entrants will get a signed letter from the Mayor.

Companies need to complete an entry form and can submit supporting information as they think appropriate.

For more information, contact Julie Pickering on 442143 or visit