A FATHER has spoken of his disgust after yobs trashed Christmas decorations put up in the garden of his Orford home.

Simon Wood, aged 31, of Patterdale Avenue, left for work at 5am last Wednesday to find intruders had ripped apart the large festive inflatable decorations.

He said: “How disgusting is it that we can not even celebrate at this time of year with out despicable people doing stuff like this?

“Is this the type of society we now live in, is it really that bad that people are now so jealous of stuff like this that they have to try to steal it or trash it?”

The decoration most damaged was an 8ft inflatable model of Winnie the Pooh - three-year-old daughter Miya’s favourite.

Mr Wood has been forced to take it down and tell the toddler it was ruined by bad weather.

She and brother Ethan, aged 5, have both been left upset by the vandalism.

“Miya absolutely loves watching the Winnie the Pooh when she comes home so it’s probably worse on her than anyone else,” said Mr Wood.

“She just keeps asking me where he’s gone.”

He is determined to leave other parts of his festive display on show, including lights, a 12ft train, 4ft snow globe, and 8ft Christmas tree.

“It is something that we have done every year for my children and this is our third Christmas in this house,” he said.

“It’s nice because the first year a neighbour had a tree up and now everyone is getting involved and making a lot of effort.

“There are a lot of kids around here and they enjoy it.

“I’m a coach driver so I’m away from home quite a bit through the year so I try to make so much more of an effort at Christmas then someone comes along and does this.

“It has not deterred me and I’ll keep buying them and putting them back up.”