NATALIA Kerkham gave an interesting talk to the members of Croft WI on the use of herbs in medicine.

Working from the Cheshire Natural Health Clinic in Stretton, Natalia is an expert herbalist and her presentation gave a comprehensive view of many familiar herbs, their benefits to health and easy ways to use them.

From common complaints such as indigestion and varicose veins to more serious ailments like arthritis and depression, there is a herb that can relieve and, in some cases, cure these conditions.

Naturally when Natalia asked if there were any questions at the end of her presentation there was a keen response from the ladies and Sue Birchall, deputising as president for the evening, gave an enthusiastic vote of thanks.

Ann Lamming, captain of Croft WI Bowls, was presented with a gift by Elaine Grundy in appreciation of all her hard work during the year and Isabel Brackley was awarded the Croft WI Bowling Trophy.

The competition as won by Jan Gowans, 2nd Louise Geekie, 3rd Norma Owens.

The next meeting will be the annual meeting held on November 18 and the competition will be a hanging Christmas tree decoration.

Diary dates: November 18, Chester Cathedral 95th Birthday of Cheshire WI; December 2 and 3, Christmas at White Friars WI House, Chester; December 9, Christmas Party – Statham Lodge