NEWCHURCH’S meeting on October 14 began with the visiting speaker.

June Corner’s subject was ‘Naughty but Nice’ and she brought a very large suitcase to demonstrate the history of underwear in the past 200 years.

She explained that before the 1800s knickers were not worn and then showed some early 19th century ‘drawers’ as they were called, hand-sewn, long in the leg with the owner’s name in ink and no gussets at first.

There were early 20th century specimens, still long and bulky, and the 20s and 30s saw shorter styles in silk and rayon and pretty colours.

June’s collection went right up to the briefs and thongs of the late 20th century. Her suitcase also contained beautiful underskirts, and all-in-one combinations.

She produced stays (even toddler-sized) and early 20th century corsets and strange early bras. Twentieth century roll-on girdles were there as well and 19th century men’s long underpants with knee-length versions to go under jodhpurs.

June’s amazing collection came from antique fairs and charity shops.

She was warmly thanked by Barbara Delve and then judged the October competition – A Pair of Naughty Knickers. Jean Riley was first, followed by Lesley Lloyd and Aileen Paterson.

After tea the business meeting began with thanks to Dot Appleton from Doreen Procter for the vase and mixed bouquet given for the president’s table and raffle.

Secretary Jean Riley reminded members of the Christmas Party and the November Photo Competition.

The AGM was held with reports on the centennial supper, fundraisers and trips and outings.

The November topic is ‘Women in the Mines’.