THE September meeting of Croft WI resembled Ladies Day at Ascot when members donned their finest ensembles to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Women’s Institute.

Visitors from Burtonwood, Winwick, Penketh, Sankey, Fearnhead and Westend Girls institutes came along to enjoy the party, which included quizzes, raffles, an extensive buffet and entertainment provided by singer Sarah Lowe.

Sarah proved to be an extremely versatile singer whose repertoire covered operatic songs right through to country and western and pop and the ladies enjoyed a good sing along to some of the numbers.

Treasurer Anne Lamming read out a congratulatory message from the Prime Minister sent to all WI’s throughout the country in which he praised the WI and women’s achievements over the past 100 years.

WI advisor Selena Prescott thanked Croft WI on behalf of the visitors for a wonderful evening.

The competition was won by Joan Johnson; 2, Barbara Taylor, 3, Sue Birchall.

The next meeting will be on October 21 and the competition will be An Old Cooking Utensil.

Diary Dates: Wednesday, September 23, walking group, 11am starting from The Horseshoe and returning for luncheon group at 12.3pm.

Tuesday, Septtember 29, readers group at Christ Church hall.

Thursday, October 22, fashion, facts, fizz and fun celebrating 100years of WI at Winsford Grange Academy at 7.30pm.