WE were welcomed to our meeting by president June Bellis.

Four visitors joined us and also a member of Winwick WI.

She gave us a very entertaining talk about her attendance at the AGM at the Albert Hall in London.

Gill Holland had also been in London that week, to be at the Palace Garden Party, along with 8,000 other WI members.

She was quite relieved to see only one other outfit similar to her own, out of so many people (every woman’s nightmare!).

Gill described it all vividly but said that the most moving part was at the end of the day when a few people began to sing ‘Jerusalem’ and the sound spread around the gardens as everyone joined in.

It would certainly have been a day to remember.

Thanks were expressed to many members for all their hard work at recent events.

Husbands have given us a great deal of help and it has been much appreciated.

Our stall at the Penketh carnival we well supported and raised £265.

There were some lovely home-baked items as well as fancy goods and crafts.

Those who attended the Gawsworth Hall celebrations had a most enjoyable time and were especially impressed by the entertainment provided by several WIs.

Well done to all.

Information was given about many events due to take place in the coming months, as celebrations continue for the WI centenary.

Cheshire Federation is also celebrating its 95th year.

A service will be held at Chester Cathedral on November 18.

Our speaker for the evening was Judy Popley, who spoke about her life at Granada studio.

She showed us films of the many famous people she had met during her time there, as she eventually became part of the continuity team.

Some well known names were good to work with, while others demanded special treatment, even walking out if the dressing room didn’t suit.

We were reminded of some good series from the past, so it was a nice trip down memory lane.

Judy was thanked by Margaret Blakeley.

Tuesday evenings in the lounge continue to be well attended, with plenty of time to chat.

We enjoyed learning how to create complicated designs, when we were introduced to the art of Zentangle.

The flower group meet on the third Tuesday of the month, as does the walking group.

A cheese and wine evening will be held on Tuesday, August 11.

The book club meet as usual at Penketh library and the cinema group have enjoyed a few good films in recent months.

Our next meeting will be held on Monday, September 7, when our speaker will tell us about the work of the Red Cross.

Come along to Meeting Lane Leisure/Community Centre at 7.30pm.

Visitors will be most welcome.

For further details ring: 01925 725227.