AT the June meeting members enjoyed an interesting talk given by Lynn Hand who, along with her husband, has been working for the Institute of British Tourist Guides for 40 years.

Lynn found an initial interest in becoming a tourist guide after attending numerous lectures given by the Institute, whose guides operate in most of the large cities, towns and villages of interest throughout the UK.

After numerous practice runs, Lynn and her spouse became tourist guides for the City of Chester and surrounding areas.

Chester is one of the main cities of interest for tourists from most nations and Lynn told of the many strange and often humorous encounters with people, and in some instances their interpreters, from countries such as Russia, Japan, China, USA, the Arab nations, and many more.

Guiding a Russian party on a very cold winter day Lynn was dressed in boots and furs and the Russians were dressed in simple wool coats, as they thought our winters would be much milder than back home.

They were soon shivering, owing to the bone chilling dampness of UK winters and all they wanted to do was visit a pub with a roaring fire where a lunch and plentiful alcohol had been laid on.

Interestingly the one drink they never tried was vodka from Warrington.

The varied cultural differences of the many visitors met during her years in the job were related, and an occasion where a dance had been laid on for a mixed nationality group, the organisers thought it a good idea to include a ‘Paul Jones’ as a way of getting people integrated.

Lynn’s many experiences were thoroughly enjoyed by the ladies and a vote of thanks was given by our president Doreen Clare.

The competition was won by: 1 Bettina Sharpe, 2 Doreena Ellam, 3 Barbara Taylor.

Diary dates: July 21 – readers’ group; July 22 – bishop’s house visit.