CROFT WI enjoyed a thoroughly entertaining evening when speaker Gay Rhodes gave an extremely hilarious account of ‘That Certain Age.

Gay proved to be quite a comedienne when relating her life experiences, from moving to Bradford from Epsom and marrying a Yorkshireman to her many encounters when travelling to various venues as a hired speaker.

The trials and tribulations of female ageing being the main subject of her talk, Gay had members crying with laughter with her stories of trying to squeeze into ‘slimming’ underwear, how adverts in magazines such as Saga always show young, slim models trying to sell stair-lifts and how they always have a flirtatious expression on their faces while wearing plaid slippers fastened with Velcro!

The problem of mixing up the names of things was related in a tale where she attended a wedding and admired an older lady’s hat, the lady said: “It’s not a hat, dear, it’s a stimulator”.

Gay even caused laughter regarding her name, in the past when introducing herself she used to say: “Hello I’m Gay”, but now says: “Hello, my name is Gay”.

Ballroom dancing, gym attendance, the difference between how males and females approach ageing, all these subjects were approached in a light-hearted manner making for an evening of fun and frivolity.

Judy Leah gave a vote of thanks and said the talk had been a real tonic for the ladies of Croft.

The competition was won by Joan Johnson, 2nd, Sue Birchall, 3rd, Christine Sylvester.

Diary Dates: 25th March – Luncheon Club; 31st March – Readers Group; 30th March – Group Meeting at Croft; 9th April – Lowry Theatre ‘Rebecca’; 15th April – Members Night.