INDIE-POP band Stillia say they are ‘over the moon’ after winning Warrington Guardian’s Hotwired competition.

The quartet have clinched a high-profile slot at Warrington Music Festival after being declared the winner at a live battle of the bands at Parr Hall on Saturday.

Frontman Jack Bennett, lead guitarist Connor Moran, bassist Dave Sarbutts and drummer Matty Bennett will also be supported by the Guardian for a year.

The winner was determined by the live crowd which saw Latchford’s Project Number 1 finish runner-up and Burtonwood’s The Progress come in third.

Titors Insignia and Sons both dropped out at the last minute which meant there was even more to play for.

Performing on the same stage where The Stone Roses made their comeback, Stillia described it as the band’s biggest gig to date.

Jack, aged 17, said: “We’re all over the moon. We’ve never won anything like this before. It was an amazing night.

“Being on such a massive stage really felt like home. The best bit was when they announced that we had won.

“Everyone was completely silent and then everyone just started screaming and bouncing around. I didn’t believe it.

“It felt more like Britain’s Got Talent then Hotwired because it was such a massive competition for us. Everyone was buzzing.”

Jason Taylor, stage manager, said: “There was a great atmosphere on the night, helped by a really lively bunch of supporters cheering the bands along.

“It was great to see such a talented new wave of musical talent coming through, making their debut on this fantastic stage. “All the bands performed excellently and Stillia definitely deserved first place.

“We look forward to seeing them on the main stage at the music festival on July 20.”

Stillia, inspired by The Beatles and The Clash, are from St Helens but qualified for the Warrington contest as drummer Matty grew up in Burtonwood.

The band are now working on their new EP which will be released at the end of June.