Jeanette Hughes explains how it has been a busy couple of months for the Concert Singers.
In her latest column for the Warrington Guardian, she talks about dates at War Horse at The Lowry in Salford Quays and a nostalgic 1980s weekend music festival set in the Cheshire countryside

THE Lowry War horse signing went really well.

We signed Sound The Bugle which was written by Bryan Adams and dedicated to the film War Horse.

Although watching the show afterwards I never realised I could get so emotional over a mechanical horse! It’s a superb production and would recommend seeing it if you can.

We had great feedback on the night and the next day received a lovely message of support from Domonic Ramsden, the actor who plays and operates Joey the War Horse.

On Sunday we had the pleasure of signing and raising deaf awareness at Rewind North Festival at Capesthorne Hall Macclesfield with the fantastic Miss Bonnie Tyler to her song It’s a Heartache, one of the best selling records of all time.

It was Rewind’s 10th birthday, the weather was perfect and the whole crowd were so supportive, signing Heartache.

Afterwards we had many festival goers come up to us saying how much they appreciated our performance and many of them were emotional. Hope to see you next year Rewind.

I wasn’t able to attend DAD event at Walton Gardens this year, the first I’ve missed. However I believe it was as always a fantastic success, such a fantastic tribute to all the hard work of Dave Thompson and his team at Warrington Disability Partnership. Congrats everyone. I will be there next year.

I will be also back at Radio Warrington in August giving out information on deaf related events, hobbies etc.

I’m thrilled Radio Merseyside have said they will be mentioning information I give them also and this will be useful for friends of deaf and hard of hearing.

Preparations are well under way for my RocknRoll Auction for Deaf Awareness. Now in its third year it looks like this year will be better than ever. All monies raised go to the deaf community.

Last year’s money was donated to Warrington Deaf Centre and I am very happy that those monies went towards the refurbishment, new roof and skylight of their social room. I have to say it looks wonderful.

I will have more information on this year’s auction later in the year.

I had the honour of chatting to Shaun Ryder of Black Grape and Happy Monday’s fame.

Shaun has donated a hand written and signed lyric of Black Grapes’ Set The Grass on Fire. Shaun is very interested in deaf awareness.

Shaun’s band are performing back in Liverpool 02 Academy on November 9 and I asked him these questions,

JH: “You are touring with new material after 20 years, how have the audiences changed?

SR: “The difference is the audiences this time are a mixture which is brilliant, ranging from university students who listened back then and are now businessmen and bring along their grand kids, as well as the younger audiences of today.

JH: “If you could collaborate with any other artist living or dead to sing a Black Grape song who would it be?”

SR: “Jim Morrison Johnny Cash or John Lennon.”

JH: “Who would play you in a film of your life?”

SR: “I can’t say as the film is in progress but a very cool British actor is playing the part.”

JH: “What’s it like working with “Youth”?”

SR: “Amazing he’s brilliant!”

Of course you can’t have an interview with Shaun Ryder without him saying that famous line and he kindly obliged ‘twisting my melon man!’

See you next month

Jeanette Hughes