MANY young people might go to gigs as an escape from their parents.

But Lymm singer-songwriter Jack Woodward likes to share his favourite bands and artists with his family.

The 24-year-old went to see The Killers at Manchester Arena as a family unit with his dad John, mum Rona, brothers Mark and Adam, and Adam’s wife Holly.

Jack said: “That was an amazing gig. Brandon Flowers is one of my heroes and that experience was shared with my family as we all love the band.

“My dad is a die-hard Bruce Springsteen fan so that is another one we’ve all gone to see a few times.”

In fact, it was Adam and Holly who introduced Jack to The Killers which in turn has made him determined to crack the music industry himself.

Jack, who has been supported by BBC Introducing, added: “They’ve seen the Killers quite a few times. It was my brother who got me into them because he saw them on the NME tour back in 2004.

“Holly actually lived next door to the guy who actually signed the Killers in Oxford.

“My other brother Mark and I have quite similar ages so we go to quite a lot of gigs together or I’ll go to gigs with my friends and pass on tips to him about bands which I think he’ll like.”

Jack recently released the single, Higher, and he has had a bigger profile in the town since his Warrington Music Festival debut when he opened the event in May.

The former Lymm High School student said: “I’ve played quite a few festivals this year and that was one of the best – a massive stage in Warrington right in the town centre. The town has given me a lot of support recently.”

That was an acoustic show but Jack is now developing his sound with a five-piece band.

His first gig with the backing group is supporting Hanover at Sound Basement in Liverpool on Friday, November 24.

Jack, who has been compared to Hozier, Jack Savoretti, Tom Odele, added: “I’ve been rehearsing with them for the past two or three months. I think it reflects the way my music has been going. I’ve always thought of it as more than acoustic music and if you listen to Higher and some of the new songs I’ve been putting out it matches up a lot better.

“So if people like the recordings then hopefully they’ll like it live with the band a lot more. It definitely brings it to life a little bit more.”

Jack started singing very young as a way to keep himself entertained on car journeys to family holidays in Anglesey or Scotland.

He said: “By the age of eight or nine I wanted to sing in front of people.

“I wanted to get a part at the Christmas service at school. I wanted to get the solo. I ended up singing in a trio but that was alright. The first big thing I did was getting the lead in my year six production at Ravenbank Primary School. I played Buddy Holly which was really cool.

“I had a couple more lead roles in musical theatre in high school.

“I enjoyed that but I always wanted to be a singer so I started writing songs on piano and playing open mic nights.

“When I went and did my masters in Glasgow three years ago that’s when I gave it a proper go in terms of playing bigger venues and getting people to see me live.”

The turning point was when he supported Rae Morris at King Tut’s in Glasgow.

Jack, who is working on his Higher EP at Sugar House where Viola Beach recorded Swings and Waterslides, added: “It was an amazing experience to have everyone listen intently for the quiet songs. It’s usually difficult to get people to do that if you’re playing in a bar.

“It can be hard at this stage to get noticed or to feel like you’re moving somewhere.

“But seeing the Killers and what they can do reminded me of what’s possible to achieve. Keep putting the work in and you never know.”

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