Frightened Rabbit - Painting of a Panic Attack

FRIGHTENED Rabbit's fifth album is a work of contradictions.

Scott Hutchison, who set up the band singlehandedly in 2003, sings of his fears and anxieties in a number of emotionally wrought tracks.

But the Selkirk five-piece have never sounded so confident and accomplished.

This is thanks in part to Brooklyn producer Aaron Dessner, who is best known for being in the band The National.

Painting of a Panic Attack, the band's second major label release for Atlantic is described as a love/hate letter to Los Angeles following his move to the States in 2014 to be with his girlfriend.

Seeing the disparity between the rich and the poor and homesick for Scotland, he quickly found it was not for him.

Recorded at Dessner's New York home and studio in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, in August 2015, Hutchison and his band whittled down 30 tracks to the 12 found on the album.

It must have been an incredibly productive period for all involved because the record is immaculately produced and features a melting pot of ideas.

Frightened Rabbit have always been one of those bands that can evoke a sense of atmosphere with their music and always like to experiment with their sound.

Painting of a Panic Attack is no exception. Highlights include the anthemic Get Out, the catchy I Wish That I Was Sober, the atmospheric Lump Street and Break, the biggest rock song of the collection.