Signature Douro 2013, £7.99, Morrisons

The valley of the River Douro runs eastwards across Portugal with vines growing between the water and the mountains.

This Morrisons own-label example of a typical local red made from native grapes is rich with plum and black cherry flavours and a hint of spice.

Alcohol level is 13.5% and it’s a good reminder that there are good reds aplenty in southern Europe.

Trivento Chardonnay, £6, Spar

Trivento means ‘three winds’ – in this case the particular trio that make Argentina’s Mendoza region such a good winegrowing area.

This Chardonnay isn’t one of your fat, bland, buttery offerings but a lovely mix of green apples and even banana flavours so it has both bite and smoothness.

Alcohol level is 13% and this price makes it an excellent buy.