Golem, Home, Manchester

SET in a dizzying high-definition world, Golem explores our troubled relationship with technology.

The production at Home in Manchester combines animation and live performance to conjure up a world not far from our own where technology ends up controlling the user rather than vice-versa.

It is written and directed by Suzanne Andrade from theatre company 1927 with music from Lillian Henley.

But the genius of this play comes from designer Paul Barritt’s imaginative technical input.

Nerdy Robert Robertson is bored in a job where he is the 'back up to the back up'.

Impulsively he purchases 'Golem' and his new toy meets his every need.

He does the cooking, cleaning and shopping leaving Robert with little to do.

Then Robert purchases a more advanced 'Golem 2' which helps him win a promotion and attract two glamorous young women. The world is his oyster.

Even Robert’s gran, a knitting fanatic, is persuaded to buy a high-speed knitting machine.

Actor Rose Robinson gets as many laughs in that role as she does playing Joy, a 'frumpy 35-year-old who wants babies'.

The cast-of-five including Will Close, Charlotte Dubery, Lillian Henley, Rose Robinson and Shamira Turner interact perfectly with animated characters and each other.

They display exquisite physical and musical timing while Ben Whitehead is perfect as the voice of Golem.

You’ll have to see the show to discover what form 'Golem 3' takes. But this is contemporary theatre at its best.

- Golem is at Home in Manchester until Saturday, October 17. For tickets ring 0161 200 1500 or visit homemcr.org