Kid Rock - First Kiss

HE has seen it all and done it all but now Kid Rock is back - and more mellow than ever.

Having hit the studio to produce First Kiss - his first album as a grandfather - the 44-year-old knows more than anyone that his shelf life may be limited.

With that in mind, it comes as a surprise that he seems to play it safe throughout parts of the 10-track production.

However, let's not forget this is Kid Rock.

The lyrics linked to his days of youth and work with the guitar alone provide a catchy element to First Kiss, during which he relates to his early days as Robert James Ritchie.

Like many, who will no doubt find themselves singing along to the album, tracks such as First Kiss and Drinking Beer With Dad allow listeners to connect with their youth.

Apart from the foul-mouthed final track of the album, this piece of narrative work will prove to be a guilty pleasure for many - cue fans singing in front of the mirror or while driving.

In that sense, and despite the lack of risk taken, the five-time Grammy Award nominee has again produced material of real significance, rather than the music created by many in today's scene.

On his 10th studio effort, which continues his remarkable journey from rap to heartland rock, it is clear to see that this is a man with much to offer.

Gone are the days of non-stop partying and constant outspoken lyrics but what fans can expect is a deeper journey into why Kid Rock is where he is.