The Black Circles may come from Warrington but their music will transport you away to America’s deep south.

Sam Bratley, Josh Winter and Martin Saunders were inspired by the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan when they formed their blues rock band.

The Appleton trio made their first appearance at July’s Warrington Music Festival and 2014 is set to be a big year with their debut album out in March.

“In a band, you’re part of a gang,” said frontman Sam.

“You’re all in it together and everything you do is for the band. I love recording, I love practising but playing live is what does it for me. When you see people’s reactions it’s the best feeling in the world.”

Bridgewater High School pupils Sam, Josh and Martin have been playing in bands together since they were 14.

Their first was a metal band called Typhon, inspired by Slayer.

They then became Crosstown Traffic but got fed up of being confused for a Jimi Hendrix covers band.

So they changed their name to Triple Threat and had their first success playing at Manchester Academy and The Zanzibar in Liverpool.

The Black Circles were born in early 2013 when the trio decided they wanted to be taken more seriously.

Sam, aged 21, added: “We didn’t really change the outlook or image of the band but I think it’s grown up with us so as we’ve got a bit older the music’s got a bit more mature and so has our attitude to it.

“Ever since then we’ve got the ball rolling and we’ve got contacts in the music industry who are trying to help us.”

Among those offering a helping hand are Jesse Davey from blues band The Hoax.

He mastered their EP which came out in August and is set to help on the album.

The band got chatting to Jesse after Sam bought an effects pedal from him.

They wanted to raise their profile after missing out on a gig with Huey and the New Yorkers.

Sam, who attended Broomfields Junior School, said: “He took a huge gamble. He’d never heard us play and had never heard of us.

“He just came up on a whim and gave us a massive discount on his price. Luckily enough he came to see us play in Warrington that night and since then he’s been over the moon with us.”

The band will be recording their debut album with Mark Walker at Warrington’s Frog Studios.

It will combine both their blues and rock influences.

Drummer Josh, aged 21, added: “We’re all fans of the blues but we’re also big fans of rock bands like Pearl Jam so it made sense to amalgamate them together.”