FROM the lay-by cross Manchester Road and turn lef tto The Black Swan pub then right onto Dam Lane.

In 30m, opposite the memorial, turn right down footpath alongside the cemetery for 200m. At the T-junction turn left along edge of field towards houses.

After 220m emerge onto Dam Lane and turn right.

Continue along lane for 600m passing a shooting range on your right before turning left.

Step down and cross the field towards chimneys.

In 300m cross wooden footbridge into next field and continue past solitary oak tree.

In 250m follow path as it bears left towards old chicken farm buildings. After 50m path bears right to emerge onto Moss Side Lane.

Turn right along lane past Rixton Park Homes on your left, followed by the Brick Works.

In 500m cross lane and enter Rixton Claypits.

Take the central grassed path between the trees.

In 170m at five path junction take the second left path between trees down towards fishing pool.

At T-junction in path turn left with pool and ditch on your right (do not cross footbridge).

At staggered junction continue ahead following the path as it bears right then left (do not take path towards the pool).

In 30m at T-junction turn right and in further 20m descend steps across wooden bridge to pool.

Turn left over another wooden bridge and continue ahead to another bridge with ditch on left.

Cross long bridge with views of water on your right. Take the steps to the right down to the water’s edge. Follow the path along the side of the pool for 30m.

Cross wooden bridge and continue for 110m.

Descend wooden steps and continue along path with water on right. As path swings left ignore path to right and cross the wooden bridges.

Continue as it ascends through the trees go straight on.

The path bears left then right to wire fence in 30m. Follow the path alongside fence for 70m and emerge into anglers’ car park.

Exit left to metal gate and turn left down grass path. In 40m go through wooden gate into wild meadow and follow grass path to Amphibians Pond.

From pond follow wooden path to gate and turn left onto grassed path. Continue ahead for 170m to a butterfly observation point on your right.

In 30m path swings right and continues for 180m to wooden walkway right hand turn.

Continue through trees as path bears left and continues to wind until reaching wooden zigzag path in 100m.

Ignore kissing gate on right in 30m and descend over footbridge then up steps, following path as it winds to T-junction.

Turn left following path with wooden rail and water on your left and Moat Lane on your right for 130m.

Turn right through kissing gate to exit the Claypits into Moat Lane.

Turn left and continue down Moat Lane for 170m then turn left through gap in hedge back into Rixton Claypits just before large boulders on right-hand side.

Follow grass path as it descends down steps to wooden walkway. Turn right to the end of the fence then follow fence across wooden bridge.

Pass through kissing gate and continue ahead past bulrushes and pond on right hand side.

Continue up bank then down steps, crossing wooden bridge, following path towards visitors centre.

Follow black and white bollards along path parallel with Manchester Road before going through pinch gap. Cross grassed car park onto Chapel Lane.

Turn left passing Rixton Methodist Church until reaching the T-juncton with School Lane.

Turn right and continue until reaching Elm Road.

Turn right down Elm Road and left onto Sycamore Crescent and continue to Birch Road.

Cross road and follow concrete path onto village green passing St. Helen’s school and the children’s play park.

As you cross the green Ye Olde Red Lion pub can be seen to your right.

At Hollins Green Scout Centre follow path between fenced gardens to emerge onto Manchester Road.

Turn left and return to start.

Start: Manchester Road layby between The Black Swan pub and Glazebrook Lane traffic lights (Swan Brew) Allow: Two and a half hours