DELGADOS pizzeria in Penketh has recently reopened after a fire forced couple Julie and Robert Nunney to temporarily close their doors on July 26.

Seven months and a £40,000 refurbishment project later, head chef and owner Robert tells diners what to expect.

* How does it feel to be up and running again?

It was a gruelling seven month closure but we have been blown away with the support everyone has shown. It’s a real treat to be open again.

* What can customers expect after the restoration?

The restaurant is looking better than ever with a real Mediterranean charm.

We have new comfy chairs and have created a warm and friendly atmosphere in which to relax and enjoy.

* The essential ingredient in every kitchen is…

Time. Time to prepare, time to cook and time to enjoy as you can’t rush good food and good food is always worth the wait.

* The first kitchen I worked in was...

In Rhodes. I worked in several hotels throughout Europe.

With a great passion for food, I was always interested in local delicacies and began to build quite a repertoire.

Eventually, Julie and I decided to head back to the UK with a view to someday, open our own restaurant.

* My first professional job was...

At Alvaston Hall. I was 18-years-old, working in a large four star hotel and this is where I first met Julie.

* My signature dishes which people associate with me is...

My calzones packed with favourite ingredients stuffed with cheese on the inside and then baked until golden brown.

We even hold a yearly calzone competition. It has been extremely popular and is back for its third year.

* My biggest kitchen disaster was...

While I was working at Grange Park Golf Club. We were preparing lunch for a big tournament.

It was a sweltering summer day, so we decided to open a window to let some fresh air in.

Unfortunately for us, while doing so we managed to disturb a wasps’ nest resulting in an evacuation of the kitchen.

We all suffered stings and one chef was taken to hospital.

* My favourite chefs are…

Michel Roux Jnr for his calm quest for perfection and Jamie Oliver for ‘keeping it real’ – taking simple good ingredients and bring out the best in them.

* Away from the restaurant my favourite meal is...

You can’t beat a home cooked roast dinner for all the family.