I READ with shock the utterly ridiculous letter in last week’s Warrington Guardian (March 21) about Walton Gardens being too busy.

I assume the person who wrote it was being ironic.

Do we not want to encourage people to use the lovely parks in this town?

Even when it is busy, there is still plenty of space there.

It is a huge park and we are lucky to have it.

Of course it is more quiet in the week, but we should feel thankful to have it.

In this cost of living crisis where many family days out will set you back close to £100, isn’t it marvellous to have somewhere to go that will cost you less than £5.

Every child and adult in Warrington will have had a brilliant day out in Walton Gardens.

Let’s continue to use it and continue to celebrate this absolute gem of a place.

Most towns nearby would love to have such a facility. And people clearly travel from afar to check it out.