WELL here I am again, upset with the way our market is.

I am a 76-year-old born and bred in Warrington.

I had to go town on Saturday and thought I would get a spit roast chicken from the market as they are always cooked lovely and are a healthy way to cook.

But to my surprise, at 2.30pm it was nearly empty and most of the stalls were clearing up.

I asked one of the girls who was cleaning up and getting ready to finish up trade.

To my surprise she said you can no longer buy roasted chickens in the market any more.

What is happening in our beautiful town?

I could not get one unless I backed tracked to Asda.

Come on, let’s try to get some original stalls back please.

I am really upset how our town is looking.

An artisan market has got to be a no, no we must be losing trade.