IT was a bizarre night no doubt.

But hearing 'the greatest thing to come out of Barnsley, since the A61 to Sheffield' sing about bags for life, Gregg's and the aftermath of eating a vindaloo kind of restored my faith in music.

The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican are a northern comedy band of the highest order.

They simply take all the songs you cannot get out of your head – everything from The Police to Kings of Leon – and twist the lyrics beyond recognition while wearing gloriously outrageous multi-coloured tank tops. 

It was a bit of a coup getting them at the tiny but well loved Knutsford venue, the Brook Street Club.

But it wasn't the laugh out loud moments, of which there were many, but the sheer energy of the show and the stage craft which made it a delight. 

The mood in the packed room ranged from merry to hyper and it was clear the band were having as much fun as the audiences with numerous encores.

By the time the trio played 'Jump Ararnd' the crowd was bouncing or climbing up on their seats.

And when the crowd thought it was time to stagger home singer Scott Doonican had yet to perform his pièce de résistance – crowdsurfing to the bar at the far end of the room and back again.

Whatever your music tastes make sure you check out the Bar-Stewards if you ever get the opportunity. There is not a chance you'll be disappointed.