THE Winachi Tribe have barely had time to catch their breath.

March saw the Warrington electro funk pioneers perform in LA, Hollywood, San Diego, San Francisco and Las Vegas all in the space of 12 days before sharing a stage with Slydigs for a homecoming at the Parr Hall.

Now the band, formerly known as China White, are warming up to be Fun Lovin’ Criminals’ main support at Warrington Music Festival at the Old Fish Market on Saturday, May 5.

Frontman Liam Croker said: “The last time we played in Warrington before all this was when China White was coming to an end.

“That was about five years ago so to play two big hometown shows within the space of two months is a great feeling.

“It wasn’t a conscious decision not to play in Warrington. I think it was just we played in this town so much when we were coming up that we’d done it to the death and needed a bit of time out to spread our wings a bit.

“So it feels great to come full circle and come back to the town now as an established band.

“We played the first Warrington Music Festival and we were still learning how to play our instruments so be coming back in the position that we’re in is an amazing feeling.

“The festival has grown so much since then and playing with the Fun Lovin’ Criminals is cool too as they’re a band we looked up to when we were starting off.

“We’re about to go on a summer tour between May and September and the festival is the first date so we’re kicking off the tour in our hometown.”

The Winachi Tribe went on a US tour to meet industry figures as their management is based in west Hollywood.

Liam, a former Bridgewater High pupil, added: “We had an amazing response. For the first gig we did we headlined Harvard and Stone in Hollywood Boulevard.

“Paul Ryder from the Happy Mondays and Daisy O’Dell, who has worked with Prince and Lana Del Ray, were there.

“John X was also in the crowd who has produced for Marilyn Manson and Ice Cube so it was like celebrity turnout for our first show.

“It was wicked. There was a really positive vibe. People were buzzing to see us.

“It was a bit surreal because I remember at the first venue people were coming up to me and introducing themselves and they knew who I was.

“They were talking to me about our tracks like Time For Love and A Room At The Zoo. It was a great, rewarding feeling.

“You’re doing something right when people on the other side of the world are familiar with you and your music.”

The band also worked with John X on a one-off track called Funky But Chic.

Liam, from Latchford, said: “It was unreal because the studio was called Earthstar Creation Centre and that’s down in Venice Beach.

“There were blow-up sheep everywhere and there was this Beaver thing in the kitchen.

“It was the most surreal studio experience I’d had in my life but also the best I’d had in years.

“You know when musicians get in the zone? It was that kind of feeling. John turned around and said: ‘I’ve been waiting for a session like that for 10 years’.”

The Winachi Tribe are also still reaping the benefits of teaming up with renowned audio equipment company Behringer while they were in the States.

Liam said: “We actually launched Behringer’s new series called Artist Profiles at their studio.

“We did a live session and an interview and it was a great honour to be doing that for such a big company.”

Behringer also had the exclusive first play of the video for Winachi Tribe’s new single, Transition.

Liam added: “Once we performed for them it blew their heads off and they’ve took a real personal interest in the band since then. They’re backing us to the hilt which is a huge thing for us.”

Meanwhile, The Winachi Tribe have also sold out a secret warehouse party in Manchester on June 16.

The venue will be announced a week before the gig and if you follow the band on social media there will be opportunities to win tickets.

So if you want a taste of things to come, make sure you catch the band on home turf at the free festival show on Saturday, May 5.