Saucy’s brought a taste of New York to Warrington in November with its ‘by-the-slice’ pizza.

Since then the phenomenon has spread throughout the town with a number of different venues taking a slice of the action.

If you have got a taste for it, there is some bad news because Saucy’s in Academy Way is currently closed until further notice.

So we have rounded up some of the other town centre places you can go for your pizza slice fix.

Cheshire Roasts Pizza, Warrington Market

Slice of pizza from: £1.50

Best for: Street food vibe

Konrad Sedziak opened Cheshire Roasts Pizza just a few weeks before Christmas where you can buy a slice or order a whole 12in or 14in pizza which is made in front of you at the market.

The 41-year-old, who has previously worked with Aiden Byrne, goes for a stone-baked style with pizzas freshly made throughout the day.

There are always meat feast and vegetarian slices (a quarter of a pizza) on sale for £2.50 with a margharita usually just £1.50.

Asda Express Diner cafe, Cockhedge

Slice of pizza from: £1.50

Best for: Value

Who would have thought you could be living the New York life in the Cockhedge Centre? In truth, Asda’s takeaway slices are deep pan style rather than thin base and puffy crust – but they are great value.

They are smothered in gooey mozzarella, the toppings are generous and regardless of what you go for from margharita to American hot it is just £1.50 a slice or £6 for a whole large pizza (six slices).

Hernando’s ‘Sliceaway’, Sankey Street

Slice of pizza from: £3

Best for: On a night out

You know that feeling.

You’ve had a few drinks and you start getting hungry.

Well at Hernando’s Hideaway all you need to do is head downstairs at the bar and order a New York-style slice.

Or if you’re calling it a night you can also buy 12in or 18in pizzas to take away with around 10 types to choose from including a luxury veggie option, nduja and pepperoni and spicy chicken among many others.

Pizza is currently only available when the bar is open but Steven Seanor, who runs Hernando’s Hideaway, is hoping to make pizza deliveries available through the Just Eat website.

Greggs, Golden Square

Slice of pizza from: £1.50

Best for: When you’re in a rush

This one might be a bit contentious because Greggs pizza is not exactly ‘by-the-slice’.

The bakery did do a thin crust, wedge-shaped pizza for a while for a more refined Italian style but the Golden Square branch has gone back to the thick, rectangular pizza bread.

It just about makes the list because it is still one of the easiest pizzas to grab at lunchtime and is in a convenient snack-sized portion.

A pepperoni pizza will set you back £1.70 or you can get a three cheese pizza for £1.50.