‘WHATEVER happened to freedom of choice’ was the finale to Paula Whitehead’s letter about the animal circus visiting Warrington. It is through freedom of choice that the protestors, including myself, my daughter and grandson were there.

Animals do not get a choice about whether they perform or not, travel the road or have to perform tricks that are unnatural and unappealing.

Do people have such short memories that they forget about Anne the elephant and all other upsetting undercover investigations that brave people have undertaken?

Animals are (ab)used in so many sickening ways that people forget about their freedom. I am a compassionate person who has a compassionate family. We don’t eat animals, don’t support any charity or company that tests on them and advocate animal-free circuses and many other animal-free forms of entertainment.

My family and I are educated and all in full time jobs, though how that is relevant is puzzling. Does having a job make you less likely to be compassionate or more likely?

Animals are not ours to imprison or subject to any form of cruelty. Some acts are blatantly cruel and some are behind closed doors. Whichever form they take they are plainly wrong.