NEVER have I been so incensed to reply to a Points of View letter than when reading ‘Animal rights campaigners should get jobs’ in last week’s Guardian.

Ms Whitehead you are clearly not aware of the cruelty case surrounding Bobby Robert’s Circus. Let’s just say you just need to type it into Google and there it is. Ok so you didn’t see the elephant that the case relates to but you did see horses.

Do you actually appreciate how circus animals are trained to perform for human entertainment to line the pockets of the circus owners? Not to mention how they are transported or the fact that because they are on the road they may never get to graze in a field.

Your suggestion that animal rights campaigners don’t have jobs is small minded.

People with all types of professions take time out of their busy careers to stand up for animals who don’t have a vote or a voice. In fact I wish I knew they were there (and yes I have a professional job) as I would have turned up in support of this cause.

Yes circus folk are hardworking and friendly but would I work for an organisation like this? No.

You mention freedom of choice. I salute the people who stood there and supported animals as an act of freedom of speech.