LAST night I visited Bobby Robert’s Super Circus in Warrington with my adult son, his girlfriend and her sister and what a fantastic evening we had.

The clowns were not only very entertaining but very good musicians and the horses were a credit to these people in every way shape and form. The rope, swing, silk and diablo artist was amazing.

At the end of the performance we entered the back of the big top and to greet us were the most friendly people you’d wish to meet.

As we moved from stall to stall the horses were happy, calm, content and kept in immaculate surroundings.

The only blight on our evening was being accosted outside by animal rights protesters.

I would like to suggest to them that instead of wasting your life harrassing others, try working as hard as these circus people have done all their lives.

Their day begins almost at the crack of dawn. They have horses to feed, muck out and train in their own field within the circus ring.

After this they need to get in supplies to feed the public (incidentally the food was delicious, realistically priced and served by pleasant staff in spotless conditions).

During the day they have to promote the only way of getting a living that they know. Then they have to greet the public from the box office while facing protests from animal rights campaigners.

During their day they have to be father, mother and grandparent to the rest of their families.

They also have to take down all their equipment, load up the horses, hitch up their own living quarters and travel from one event location to another, only to be met by the animal rights organisation.

I personally think the protestors should have a full time job like the circus people instead of wasting their sad lives harrassing the innocent people.

Whatever happened to freedom of choice?