YET again a family in Warrington has been let down by the police, probation and court services.

I am a retired police officer and the Nicola Sutton case angered me so much I felt I had to write this letter.

The case brings to mind similarities to the death of Garry Newlove. In both cases killers were allowed out on bail and allowed to roam an area the courts had specifically banned them from going to.

In both cases the police response was inadequate.

Now we find that Cheshire Constabulary has been given a ‘fair only’ assessment by HM Inspector of Constabularies. What we need is protection for the victims not the criminals, more police on the streets dealing with real crime and not the easy options of fixed penalty tickets and cautions.

The police need the help of the community but police must respond when we need them, not when they think they should attend. Less paperwork and form filling would help release more officers on to the street.

Sentencing guidelines are crazy and geared towards the rights of criminals rather than victims.

When you can be fined more for dropping litter than theft or assault something has to change. No doubt police will say that lessons have been learnt but the same was said after the murder of Garry Newlove.

Let us hope this time changes will be made so that we do not have to hear a jury tell a family ‘sorry but the system let you down’.

CLR PAUL CAMPBELL Prospective Conservative MP Warrington North