WITH the announcement from messers Bowden and Mitchell that they are not standing to represent Labour for council re-election next year, I would like to know if they intend to resign from their company directorships that they represent the council on?

While the taxpayers of Warrington are holding them accountable for the £2billion worth of council debt for failed commercial purchases and investments, council CEO Steven Broomhead – who sat as a director on the failed Together Energy investment, which is just one of the many company directorships that he holds, and Lynton Green, who is director for corporate services and deputy chief executive at the council whom sits as Warrington’s shareholder representative at Redwood Bank and was responsible for saddling the council with £150million bond issue – should be held accountable as well, and in my opinion, they should also both be stepping down.

To quote Oliver Cromwell addressing the rump parliament of April 1653: “You have been sat to long for any good you have been doing.

“Depart I say, and let’s be done with you. In the name of God, go”.


Stockton Heath