MY MP for Warrington South, Tory Andy Carter, announced a few months ago that he would not be standing at the next general election for re-election in this constituency.

We now learn he has had a failed bid to be selected as the Tory candidate for Waveney Valley constituency in Suffolk – a safe Tory seat two hundred miles away.

Mr Carter has failed the constituents of Warrington South by not getting the levelling up fund to re-build Broomfields Leisure Centre and for the Victoria Park improvements.

He has failed to deliver a new hospital that we desperately need, despite the Tory manifesto of 40 new hospitals. The scrapping of HS2 has scuppered plans for a new train station at Bank Quay.

So, he continues to be an ineffective MP that is happy to take the money, but his only purpose, like so many MPs, is self-interest.

To quote Leopold Amery to Neville Chamberlain: “You have sat here too long for any good that you are doing. In the name of God, go”


Stockton Heath