I AM a Livewire member and attend Broomfields Leisure Centre several times weekly.

We have recently been informed by staff that Bridgewater High School hierarchy have convinced the council that the school has exclusive use of the facilities each Thursday from November 6.

While I sympathise with the school, the turgid debate about south Warrington needing better leisure facilities flares again.

Improvements at Broomfields are constantly being denied. Then for the facility to be unavailable for another whole day is yet another ‘kick in the teeth’.

This is simply unfair. Given the reduction in hours, is there going to be a reduction in our membership cost?

I very much doubt that, plus the classes I take part in are not available or already full elsewhere.

Also, please take into account that if you suggest that we can simply travel to other centres, that puts more pressure on already heavily used, busy roads.

Not to mention the environmental impact, and not everybody has a car. We want to use local facilities.

As tax payers, we pay towards leisure facilities, and therefore we should have equal opportunities in south Warrington as those who live in north Warrington.

The imbalance just seems to be growing. In the north there are five leisure centres which have had recent major refurbishments or new builds.

We still have an aged, not fit for purpose facility in the south, and this further reduction in availability is just another nail in the coffin for Broomfields.