I AM writing to you to explain that we have recently received a parking charge at Warrington Hospital, despite paying for a parking ticket.

My son unfortunately broke his arm in April and attended Warrington Hospital.

On exit, my wife paid for a valid ticket but later became aware through the process appeal that she entered the wrong registration of our other car.

This was a distressing situation leading to inputting of the wrong registration, however a ticket was purchased for the correct amount of time that she was on site.

We appealed this decision and this was unfortunately rejected due to a major typing error.

We are now being forced to pay a fine of £120, despite paying for a ticket.

This absolutely outrageous considering that the nexus group has acknowledged receipt of the payment but cannot assign this to a correct vehicle on site.

There has been no one that we could speak to in person to explain our situation or to find a resolution.

Had we not paid for a parking ticket, I would have gladly paid the initial fine, however this is not the case and we have a banking transaction to prove this which has been acknowledged.

In addition, there is no signage that clearly states that the wrong implementation of the vehicle registration would lead to a fine.