I SEE the council is at it yet again.

Last week we are told that there would be refuse strikes but that it would mean ‘minimal disruption’ for us, the residents.

As of 4pm today, Tuesday, my bin has not been collected.

Not sure what is minimal about that.

If some members of staff decide to go on strike, it stands to reason others won’t cross the picket line or will call in sick.

Anyone knows that.

So why didn’t the council see this coming?

Then at least we could have been prepared and other options could have been considered.

Instead we look like we will be waiting two weeks to get out bins emptied.

I am assuming the alternative being we take rubbish to the tip ourselves.

The whole thing is a nonsense.

The council just appears to be run by people with no common sense, who do not live in the real world and cannot see what is likely to happen right in front of them.

You really could not make it up.

And I assume there will be no deduction in my council tax bill for their failure to do their duty and empty my bins I was once told there only one thing you really care about which your council does.

And that is picking up and emptying your bins every week.

Now they are proving that sadly, they can’t even do that properly.

Stick some of those lads on the picket line in charge. Now they do seem well organised.