I AM writing as a saddened resident in Whittle Hall.

The Whittle Hall Brook area is a vital food source for wildlife, full of birds and small mammals who rely on it to survive the winter.

The area that has been cut back a few days ago was almost two metres tall and two metres deep covered in berries (blackthorn, hawthorn and dogwood) which are highly nutritious for birds.

The area has been completely destroyed without any regard for the fact that this is the worst time to prune when it comes to sustaining wildlife and helping our already struggling ecosystem.

This is not the first time the council have acted without regard for nature and to be honest I am furious that someone paid to do this job is clearly so very unqualified and lacking any thought for the consequences of their ridiculously excessive actions.

Even pruning at the right time shouldn’t look like such devastation.

I can only think that this is the council’s way of saving money by employing inexperienced ‘gardeners’.

Warrington Borough Council need to rethink their approach and consider the detrimental effect of their actions.