YOU can tell that the schools are back.

I queued for half an hour to drive three miles this morning.

The same journey took me eight minutes just a month ago.

And what is worse, there is no hope of things getting any better.

This happens time and again.

When I was young, we walked to school in rain or shine, through blizzards and blazing heat.

It never did us any harm. I fact, I look back on that time with a great deal of happy memories.

These days, parents could not possibly allow their precious children to have a hair out of place or get a spot of rain on them.

Yet these same people bang on about climate change and wanting a better environment.

Well, you cannot have it both ways.

Ditch the car and let the children walk to school.

And allow those who have no choice but to drive to be on the roads.

Of course, I would rather get the bus or train to work, but considering I do not live in London, public transport option is not an option.