TO see Warrington included in a list of the 10 councils with the highest amount of debt caused more than a few alarm bells when I read it.

Almost £2billion is an eye-watering amount of money, and it is concerning when you see what is happening in Bristol.

Some of the council deals have been proved to be wrong, but many are bringing in decent returns and are paying for our services.

But the question, is how much longer is all of this sustainable?

While Warrington may have huge debt, councils all over the country, run by all different parties, have similar issues.

So for the long term, how do we tackle the thorny question of local authority funding?

Because we need our bins collecting.

And the biggest outlay, adult social care for our elderly in homes or keeping people in their own homes, will only continue to rise?

More people are living longer.

Of course, all of this happens while the NHS can simply bury its debt each year with nothing said and no penalty.

We should fund the NHS of course, but how do we fund local authorities?

They must do their best to keep their budgets balanced. But the crisis is across the country, and the Government needs to come up with some better options for the future.

Or it will be a question of when and not if the next Birmingham happens.