I HAVE recently been reading about the development of Peel Hall Park in north Warrington, and for the first time have seen a plan which maps out where the entrances and exits will be to the development.

The proposed entrance is directly opposite the junction for where we live on Brathay Close, off Poplars Avenue, and as a resident here for 20 years, I am telling you categorically that this is a horrendous idea.

Poplars Avenue is already one of the busiest roads in this area with traffic, parked cars everywhere and regular congested traffic. I experience this on a daily basis.

As local residents, we have never seen these plans in such detail before, and it is so wrong that you are able to acquire such beautiful green belt land and just build whatever you see is fit, with no consideration of what the locals want or need.

The intention of building a school, a pub – a dumb idea when there are so many everywhere that are closing left right and centre – and a four-story care home is absolutely ridiculous.

We literally have a school already right next to us.

It is absolutely shocking that a developer can buy land and just destroy people’s houses, people’s way of life and the stunning wildlife that has set up home there.

I am absolutely gutted that you are going to do this to us all that live locally, and would go as far as to say it will completely ruin our way of living.

The long-term negative effects this development will have on locals’ way of life, both mentally and physically, along with the daily noise pollution, congested traffic and devaluation of our homes and area, far outweigh the positives.

I absolutely love where I live and the local area, and I know all of my neighbours do to. It is one of the better areas in our town.

I hope you sleep well at night knowing the stress you have all caused in letting this happen.