I WENT to Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden for the first time in some time last weekend to enjoy and afternoon out.

We are so lucky to have this kind of facility in Warrington.

There were incredible flowers and the place was so peaceful with a gorgeous selection of fruit and vegetables which you could buy as well, having been grown there.

The parish council funds and keeps this place going, and it is something we should all be thankful for.

However, on exiting the back gate of the garden, I was confronted with a massive new housing estate with many of the homes still being built.

I was aware this was always the plan, but seeing the homes there in person made me feel rather sad.

It was a lovely walk from fields through to the cricket club and then onto Grappenhall village beyond.

Now you are walking through the middle of a housing estate, and some of the properties are very close to the path.

We spent years preserving and maintaining the beautiful gardens, yet the Government is happy to sell of land to create more hugely expensive homes.

I wonder if those setting the policies ever to travel to places like Warrington to see the damage being done to our peace and quiet and to the surrounding countryside.