MY father-in-law is 96 and confined to a wheelchair for the past 18 months.

We have been told to leave his bin outside his back gate in Caldbeck Road in Orford and the bin men will come up his path and empty them because he is unable to take it up the path.

It is clear also from seeing the ramp outside his front door that whoever lives there is in a wheelchair.

This agreement was made with the council 18 months ago, but on the past two occasions it has not been emptied.

My wife rang up the council to enquire why and a very unhelpful lady said she has no such agreement on her computer.

My wife then related to her that the bin had been emptied every other week for 18 months once again the lady said there is nothing on her computer to say this.

My wife’s next question was how come the blue bin is still being collected from the back gate, to which the lady replied there was nothing about this on her computer.

My wife asked if they would send someone out to take the bin as it has not been emptied for a month. The lady said no and asked my wife if she could take it to the tip.

So, the solution is pay your council tax, and if you are disabled and not fit to take your bin to the front gate, get your daughter to rummage through the waste bag it up and take it to the tip.