I WAS grateful to the parents who highlighted the dire lack of support and appropriate activities for children with SEND over the school holidays.

I was left frustrated with the disingenuous reply from the Warrington Borough Council spokesman who stated: β€œIn Warrington, there is a range of support available for parents/carers during the summer holidays.”

They (probably deliberately) deny that other than literally a few days over six to seven weeks of summer holiday, there is no other provision where a young person with SEND can be with their peers, enjoying relevant activities, without their parent being present to care for them.

This means that the young person cannot build friendships, participate in safe and enjoyable activities, and their parent does not get a break from caring or can work.

The denial that this is the truth and that parents are somehow wrong about this is woefully invalidating and adds to our feelings that we and our young people are not worthy of support.



I WOULD like to comment on the news article about the problems parents like me face with our disabled children (Warrington Guardian, August 10).

The youth zone says it offers spring board sessions, but again this depends on the ability of your child.

They say they offer a buddy-up, but I have been told by families that this is stopping and the child can attend with a personal assistant, but many families are still looking for a personal assistant, so they do not have that option to be able to come along.

It was reported from the council that there are clubs that cater for send children though the half funding, but again it depends on the needs of your children.

If they will cater for them, my daughter requires one to one support and constant supervision.

There have been many occasions she has been turned away from being able to go to things.

I am just one of many families that have only been given one day a week at the aspire club, for a club that is only running for four weeks for complex needs in a six week holiday.

Also, it is the stress and the impact it has on their siblings as well as your disabled child with no routine, and the fact children without disabilities have more opportunities and places to go in school holidays and just want people to understand and break the barriers of what we are facing all the time.

I am a single mum to three children, one with complex needs and one child on the pathways for ADHD.