WHEN will the council get serious about solving the issues of travellers in the town?

It used to be every summer we had this merry-go-round of travellers illegally moving onto various.

Now it is an all-year-round battle.

The past few weeks have been increasingly ridiculous with stories every day.

This must be costing the authorities thousands to go and see the groups, before starting the process of moving them on.

Of course, there is one simple thing the council could do, yet continues to refuse to do, to sort this out.

Get a transit site sorted.

It has been talking about it for more than 10 years yet failed to take action.

For all the criticism the council gets over debt and green belt, for me this inaction is the biggest shambles of this current administration.

The people of Warrington are fed up with the mess.

Kids near us cannot even use Orford Park in the summer holidays because it is full of caravans and then rubbish when they leave.