I AM a patient at Stockton Heath Medical Centre and I speak highly of this practice, despite the low ranking in the poll (Warrington Guardian, July 21).

My doctor has taken great care of me both recently and during the pandemic.

Her follow up telephone consultations have always been arranged with ample time for listening and discussion.

Admittedly, it takes longer at times to get through on the phone, but the receptionists are always courteous and obliging.

I can understand that working people, tied to time, may find the system frustrating, but it is not such a problem for someone like me who is retired.

I know no one, including me, who has ever received a surgery survey questionnaire.

One wonders how these things are distributed.

It is reported that the overall satisfaction rate at 74 per cent in Warrington is above the average.

Perhaps this overall finding should have had more prominence so to give some encouragement to all our local hardworking health professionals who have served us well during these difficult times.