AFTER reading the Guardian (July 14), I see that the council is going to spend £9million on improvement to the highways network.

This will make things better for drivers of cars and pedestrians.

What a joke, when they are trying to block up every thoroughfare with inane ideas of calming traffic to stop pollution.

Of course, the wicked Government is blamed for them having to borrow to put these plans into action.

A few pages later, there is an article that the council has also approved £63.5million to fund a solar farm near Doncaster. The method of funding was ‘discussed in private’. I wonder why?

When is all this borrowing and poor investing going to stop? Most of Warrington now suffers from bad highway planning, and it is getting worse.

From another article we had the information of new towns, which mentioned that in 1965, the town had a population of 65,000.

It then mentioned we had a population at the end of the last century of 200,000. What has the council done to the road systems?

The answer is very little, except block up areas and make dual carriageways, single carriageways and add a few thousand extra houses here and there to use the non-developed road infrastructure get worse, with a population of around 210,000 at present.

Most properties have one car, and many more than one. With bus services now so bad and expensive, it is no wonder people prefer car travel. Now we have the latest crackpot idea – Central 6.

Yes, that is very significant as the six will be the last six shops to survive in the town centre as it is slowly killed off by being unable to access it caused by poor infrastructure road planning.


Great Sankey