THE mess left by the travellers after their week-long stay on our local park had to be seen to be believed.

For more than a week, the park became off limits. Nobody wanted to walk their dog there or play there because of the caravans on the land.

And the travellers could stay there, rent free, while I paid my council tax for living in a house nearby.

Had I decided to pitch up a tent there, I am sure I would have been swiftly moved on.

Instead, it took talks and court orders to get the land cleared again, and even then the football pitches had lots of rubbish bags and litter strewn about.

So my question is, what will it take to get all this sorted?

For the past decade the council has talked about a transit site for travellers, but failed to deliver – time after time.

And it is we, the residents of this town, who foot the bill and suffer the inconvenience.

So, will this summer be the tipping point that makes this happen?

Because no doubt they have now moved elsewhere and will be back on this park before long.

That makes us find a new home for these travellers so we can stop these illegal encampments in our town.

Enough really is enough.