I HOPE all those gunning for Boris Johnson feel good about themselves.

For months now there has been a huge cohort of people from MPs to the press desperate to get rid of the man.

Of course, this being the only real-world leader to stand up to Putin.

He was the man to bring us out of lockdown and the man to get Brexit done, and now our greatest PM has been shouted out by the woke few.

Shame on you all.


Stockton Heath

FINALLY, the Government, after aiding and abetting the PM, have forced Boris to resign as leader of the Tory party.

However, my MP for Warrington South, Tory Andy Carter, despite my many requests to him to put a letter of no confidence into Sir Graham Brady about Boris and to enquire on how he voted in the no confidence vote on Boris, he simply stonewalls with replies that he cannot make any public comment due to his role on the Committee on Privileges.

I have told him that he simply needs to recuse himself from his position on the committee in order to do so, just like Labour’s Chris Bryant did.

It is very important for us constituents to understand the honesty, integrity and moral compass of our MP, which is simply impossible when Mr Carter stonewalls and shuts the conversation down.

With this attitude, one can only conclude that Mr Carter is putting party and career ambitions before the interests of his constituents, and that he endorses Boris’s behaviour over partygate and the Pincher affair.

For me, Mr Carter represents a yes puppet figure for his party and is therefore ineffective as a constituent MP.


Stockton Heath