I CAN see our erstwhile traffic planners have yet again reverted back to old TV programmes (Warrington Guardian, June 23).

First it was Whacky Races at Bridge Foot, and now they’ve taken the starring role in the Woodentops.

What part of common sense works out that moving a problem to somewhere else solves that problem? Grange Avenue is a disaster, and Hallfields Road would have been.

Our new bypass, sorry I keep calling it that, our new housing access road will be fun when the housing is complete, but never mind, we’ll let our speed trap van in its purpose built lay-by make as much money as it can for now.

Can Mr Mundry please explain why I can’t turn left out of Winmarleigh Street still, and why do the traffic lights outside the police station stop traffic heading towards Bridge Foot when there is no right turn out of the bypass.

Anyway, if there is no through road down Grange Avenue, and you don’t need them anymore, would it be possible to transfer the speed humps onto Wash Lane to slow our would be Formula 1 drivers down before they kill somebody.

I’ll supply hot drinks and sandwiches to anyone from the traffic planners if they’d like to sit outside my house in the evening and watch the qualifiers take place.