I EXPECTED the uproar from residents in the area affected by the ludicrous traffic ideas to be implemented on Hallfields Road.

I lived in Stapleton Avenue and then Roscoe Avenue in the 50s, 60s and 70s, went to school at Beamont infants and juniors and was able to walk to school from Roscoe Ave.

Traffic gradually got worse on Smith Drive as the Poplars estate was built.

The other side of Orford Road was mainly the remains of RAF Padgate. Fast forward to the late 60s and Warrington New Town came into being.

I managed to get a job working with a surveyor.

We worked taking ‘levels’ of all the land from Birchwood back to Orford Road.

The plans were to build housing and a link road from Risley through to Cromwell Avenue (a planned route to where the spider red bridge is as Asda).

The road was to pass along where it is now from Padgate to Orford Road and then take the old railway line and the back of Orford Park.

This involved demolition of the bungalow and four semis in Withers Ave and the bandstand in the park.

A traffic light controlled junction was planned with pedestrian controlled crossing at Norris Street and Hallfields Road.

When the time came and the houses compulsory purchased, there was uproar and a petition signed.

It was decided to drop the plans and so we have the traffic running through in bigger quantities from Birchwood and Padgate and causing more mayhem.

In hindsight this may have been the better choice.

I fully back all the residents in this area regarding the nonsense plan of a bus gate in this area.

Perhaps there are better suggestions but not by WBC road planning.

Warrington is being designed to be unfriendly to motorists in the name of green and clean air.

The plans are shifting the problems of one area into another.

Well, it will be Sankey Bridges turn next with the building of the proposed link road through from Walton to Cromwell Avenue with just a smattering of a few thousand new houses to block it up.

G MCKIE Great Sankey

I AM a resident of Fearnhead and have already signed a petition in opposition to the road changes.

I feel that I must raise a number of further points.

The council refers to these proposals providing cleaner streets.

I’m sorry but I really don’t buy this.

What ‘litter and clutter’ does the traffic create and what about the alternative roads which will have to be used?

The council also refers to safer streets – what about the alternative streets which the traffic will have to use as a result of the proposals?

Will they in fact become less safe?

Cleaner air?

Residents will still be using their vehicles to reach their places of work and because of the proposals they will be travelling further and therefore producing more air pollution.

Greener streets?

Have you visited Hallfields Road recently?

There is a lovely green area called Orford Park running almost the whole length of the road.

The effect on Orford Road, Long Lane, Winwick Road and Padgate Lane doesn’t bear thinking about.

Residents affected will have to travel longer distances to reach places of work or to attend medical appointments and this will involve greater and unnecessary fuel costs at this very difficult time.

A WEAVER Fearnhead

WHAT a shambles the recent decisions made about bus routes is.

Did the council fully consult with the businesses and residents in the areas that will be affected?

Probably not as this would cost money that they are too busy wasting on non profitable schemes that we only hear about when they have gone wrong.

I live in one of possibly the worst bus routes in Warrington the 25 Warrington to Birchwood and vice versa.

Buses start around 5.45am and finish at around 10.45pm starting at one bus every hour then from 6.45am the time goes to two hours from 8.45am and then 10.45am and so on.

With a maximum of 19 trips each day there are plenty of times there will be no buses on Hallfields Road.

As to the other districts which are targeted the residents will tell you there is no need to change something that is not broken.

As I recollect there are no affected bus lanes south of the canal and then they wouldn’t not dare to alter their flow of traffic.

Just north of the river making sacrifices as always.

TOMMY SWIFT Houghton Green