I’M just wondering if the residents of Warrington should set up a funding page to raise money for a sign for the council’s new offices in Time Square.

I needed to apply for a blue badge for a member of my family.

First attempt to find out how to do this was to phone the council for advice, an automated response was to apply on the website, I don’t know how.

I was told by a friend to go to the new council offices in Time Square.

I went to Time Square and could not see any sign that told me where the offices are.

I walked around and came to an impressive new building that I realised maybe the place.

Silly me of course there was the elusive sign, it was on the window and the doors.

It was then I realised Warrington council must be very short of money as the signs were only a few inches high and in white writing on a clear background.

Perhaps the money they receive from parking fines could pay for a new visible sign.

Unless you have exceptional eyesight you cannot see the pathetic signs until you are about a foot away from the entrance.

Here’s hoping someone will realise that not everyone can use the internet and ensure those who want a person to speak to will know where to find them.

MRS P POINTER Warrington