WELL WBC lost out on being a city thank goodness, but there are other awards that they should win outright.

How about an award for the most clueless planning for building a Dallam Hub building with a swimming pool and a library next to a brook that has a history of flooding?

Or how about planning a bridge across the Mersey to alleviate the traffic flow at Bridge Foot then build 500 new homes that can only be accessed from the new road?

Now they plan to make main thorough fares around Orford cul-de-sacs.

We live at the Hallfields Road end of Long Lane and have relations in Norris Street and Gorsey Lane.

We also have to go to the vets in Orford Avenue quite often.

This would normally involve a drive down Hallfields Road.

Now the council is shutting all the direct access roads and intends to put miles on our journeys by having to drive around town in order to find ways to get to places that were only half a mile or so away before.

Letting drivers get to the Withers Avenue junction then blocking them from going that 50 feet or so distance into Norris Street is unbelievable.

If that idea is to make it easier for buses to turn in and out of Withers Avenue then why did our council miss the golden opportunity of purchasing the old empty bungalow on the corner of Withers Avenue and Hallields Road just a few years ago?

This land could have been used to make the corner much easier for buses turning.

All the necessary diversions will undoubtedly put more traffic on an already overburdened Long Lane.

As the name says, it was only built as a lane and not a trunk road.

It is already dangerous enough when the children from the two schools on the lane exit onto the extremely narrow footpaths.

The council states that the public were consulted about these road changes.

Well they kept any such meeting quiet, because neither I nor any other affected residents that I have have spoken to knew anything about it.

I, along with many other affected residents, would urge the council to drop this badly thought out idea before it is too late.

JACK COX Warrington