I REFER to your article regarding the installation of cycleways on the A57 Liverpool Road from the St Helens boundary towards Warrington and other roads (Warrington Guardian, May 26).

As one reader in the comments section quite rightly pointed out how are the gutters meant to be cleaned properly?

Surely these bollards will obstruct the road sweeper.

The gutters in Warrington are already a disgrace full of weeds grass and debris due to the neglect of Warrington Borough Council.

It is not an appealing site to see a main artillery road approaching Warrington with the gutters full of weeds grass and debris.

Thank God we didn’t get city status.


MAY I bring a few facts to the attention of Warrington Borough Council.

As an 84-year-old, I have been struggling with a knee problem and have been unable to walk my dog these past few weeks.

On May 23, I managed a walk around the estate with him near to where I live.

I was appalled at the levels of filth and overgrown areas and rubbish dumped outside houses where people have already moved out.

Several people have written on this subject before and yet WBC has taken no action.

Cutting grass verges does not constitute estate maintenance.

This Labour council of ours should stop making silly investments and pushing for city status.

Now they have lost that one perhaps they could re-focus their efforts on the north side of the town which has sadly been neglected.

Cynically, if we had a Conservative council maybe this area would be as clean as the south side of the canal.

Let’s watch this space but I won’t hold my breath.

TOMMY SWIFT Houghton Green