I AM writing this letter to thank the person who drove their vehicle into my daughter’s new car on Friday, May 20, on Lythgoes Lane in Warrington town centre, outside her place of work.

The person drove away without trying to find the owner and do the right thing by owning up.

My daughter took possession of her new Toyota Yaris the previous week, she was devastated to see the damage which is so bad the car has been deemed not safe to drive.

I find it unbelievable that someone can do so much damage to another person’s possession and drive away without leaving details.

If anyone knows who has done this my daughter would be very grateful to be informed as would the police who have been contacted regarding the matter.

I shall finish my letter with this thought, I am I hope a kind, respectful and honest person, I truly hope that whoever mowed into my daughter’s vehicle has the very same happen to them and then they can feel how my daughter felt this week.